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Ring of Kerry

Kerry has the Rufreputation of being Ireland's most beautiful region with a breathtaking scenery. So during the summer months this area is überfüllt, zugepacktovercrowded with tourists. Because of the narrow and kurvenreichwinding roads, the panoramic drive through the Ring of Kerry should be done gegen den Uhrzeigersinncounterclockwise. This way you vermeidenavoid face-to-face confrontations with the tour buses that all have to travel the Ring of Kerry counterclockwise.

Picture of Ladies View
Ladies View

Tours around the Ring of Kerry usually start in Killarney, a little town which is famous for its lakes. From the mountains just outside Killarney you have a wonderful view over the lakes (this place is known as Ladies View).

Picture of the Bog Village
Bog Village

The tour takes you through the wild and unspoilt countryside of the Kerry Halbinselpeninsula. In the MoorBog Village you can see how the Irish Torfstecherturf cutters used to live. By the way, turf is still cut in this area and used instead of coal for the Kaminopen fire.

Valentia is a beautiful little island on the Ring of Kerry. From here, the first trans-Atlantic telephone cable was laid in August 1857.

Picture of Valentia Island
Valentia Island

Kerry people are very friendly, schlagfertig, gewitztquick-witted and have a good Sinn für Humorsense of humour. Nevertheless, they are often the hier: Zielscheibe, Opferbutt of stupid jokes made by other Irish people. Want to read some? Bitte schönHere you go:

How do you erkennenrecognise a Kerryman on an Bohrinseloil rig?
He's the one throwing crusts of bread to the helicopters...

How do you recognise a Kerry pirate?
He's got a hier: Augenklappepatch over each eye.

Have you heard about the Kerryman whose library burnt down?
Both books were destroyed. And, worse still, one hadn't even been coloured in yet!

Have you heard about the Kerryman who to cheat = schummeln, beschummelncheated Irish rail?
He bought a Hin- und Rückfahrkartereturn ticket to Dublin and didn't go back!

How do you keep a Kerryman happy for an afternoon?
Write bitte wendenplease turn over on both sides of a pice of paper.

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