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Once a small fishing village, Galway became a erfolgreich, wohlhabendprosperous town in the Middle Ages. Today it is an attractive town with ungefährapproximately 47,000 inhabitants. Because of the university Galway has a special flair that attracts many young people. You will definitely notice that at night–in the pubs, restaurants or cafes.

Picture of Galway Cathedral
Galway Cathedral

The town itself is not too big and you can’t get lost because if you follow the main road through the city centre, you will go round in a circle; and sooner or later you will end up back where you started from. And in the meantime you can have a look at the beautiful buildings and interesting shops.

Picture of Galway University
Galway University

In the year 1493, Galway had a Bürgermeistermayor called James Lynch. His son had murdered a SpanierSpaniard and it was the mayor’s task to das Urteil verkündenpronounce the judgement, which in this case was death for his son. As nobody else wanted to hier: hinrichtenexecute the young man, James Lynch himself hanged his own son. The term LynchjustizLynch justice is said to have derived from this incident and is now weltweitglobally known.

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