Simple Present, Übungen zur Verwendung

Lingolia Übungsgrammatik Englisch

generelle Gültigkeit

Setze die Verben in der richtigen Form ein.

  1. Paris (be) the capital of France.
  2. Hamlet (be) a play by Shakespeare.
  3. Mount Everest (reach) a height of 8848 metres.
  4. Water (boil) at 100°C.
  5. Ice (melt) at 0°C.
  6. The river Thames (flow) past the Houses of Parliament.
  7. The Olympic Games (take place) every four years.
  8. A waiter (work) in a restaurant.
  9. The earth (travel) around the sun in approximately 365 days.
  10. My father (speak) English.

Übung zu Regelmäßigkeit/Gewohnheit