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Notting Hill Carnival

Fotos mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Halden Photography

On the last weekend in August, London is the hier:Schauplatzscene of a very spectacular Ereignisevent – the Notting Hill Carnival. In 2004, the worlds second largest carnival parade is celebrating its 40th Jahrestaganniversary.

The Wurzeln
hier: Ursprünge
of Carribean carnival hier: gehen zurückdate back to the year 1833 hier: alswhen the Gesetz zur Abschaffung der SklavereiAbolition of Slavery Act was announce = bekannt gebenannounced in Trinidad. Celebrating their freedom, the black people of Trinidad gingen auf die Straßentook to the streets and had a great party with music and dance. The Carribean carnival was born.

Notting Hill Carnival hier: alsWhen in the 1950s a huge number of West Indian immigrants came to London, they also brought their traditions and music. bedroht / betroffen vonFaced with Rassismus, Fremdenfeindlichkeitracism and Arbeitslosigkeitunemployment, those immigrants dreamt of having a festival that would bring together the people from the Notting Hill area. So dances and other musical events were organised in North London. At the beginning, those events take place = stattfindentook place in various halls, but in 1964 the first street festival took place in Notting Hill. It was a great Erfolgsuccess, so the parade took place year after year anlocken, anziehenattracting immer mehrever more Teilnehmerparticipants and Zuschauerspectators.

The Notting Hill Carnival now takes place on three aufeinander folgendsuccessive days (Saturday to Monday). It ist gewordenhas become a hier: richtiges, wahrestrue multi-cultural event and jeder kann gerneeveryone is welcome to teilnehmen, mitmachenparticipate.

Weitere Informationen

Tolle Fotos (inkl. E-Cards, Screensaver) und weitere Informationen zum Notting Hill Carnival: www.nottinghillcarnival.org.uk

Questions on the text

Answer the questions according to the text.

  • Where does the Notting Hill Carnival take place?

  • What did people celebrate in 1833?

  • The Notting Hill Carnival now goes on for how many days?
  • Many cultures take part in the Notting Hill Carnival.