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Simple Past oder Past Progressive

Übung 5

Setze die Verben in der richtigen Form ein (Simple Past oder Past Progressive).

  1. Two days ago, a murder (happen) in Market Street at about seven pm.
  2. Yesterday, Sherlock Holmes (arrive) at the crime scene to investigate.
  3. He (ask) one of the tenants in the house.
  4. »What (do / you) yesterday at seven?«
  5. »I (watch) a football match on TV.«
  6. » (be) you alone?«
  7. »Yes, I (be)
  8. » (hear / you) anything suspicious?«
  9. »Yes, about seven o'clock, two people (argue) in the hallway. But the football match (be) so interesting. So I just (turn) up the telly and then (hear / not) anything anymore.«