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Übung zum Past Perfect Simple

Fragen im Past Perfect Simple

Vervollständige die Fragen im Past Perfect Simple.

  1. (what / Bob / do) that he was kept in after school?
  2. (you / eat) anything before you went to the theatre?
  3. (he / live) in London before he moved to Glasgow?
  4. (she / find) a new job by that time?
  5. (they / book) a room before they went to Dublin?
  6. (how often / you / ring) the bell before he answered the door?
  7. (why / they / have) dinner before they came to the party?
  8. (Carly / wash) the dishes when her mum came home?
  9. (you / read) the contract before you signed it?
  10. (who / live) in the house before we moved in?