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Politics News Headlines - Yahoo News

Politics News Headlines - Yahoo News

Alle News verweisen auf die Webseite des jeweiligen Anbieters. Wenn du beim Klicken auf den Link zusätzlich die SHIFT-Taste (Internet Explorer, Opera) oder STRG-Taste (Netscape, Firefox) gedrückt hälst, kannst du die News auch in einem neuen Fenster öffnen.

  • House rejects stopgap security agency funding, partial shutdown looms

    Boehner returns to his office after a visit to the House floor for procedural votes for legislation to fund the Department of Homeland Security at the Capitol in WashingtonBy David Lawder and Richard Cowan WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The House of Representatives on Friday failed to approve a stopgap funding bill for the U.S. domestic security agency in an embarrassing setback for Republican House Speaker John Boehner, increasing the threat of a partial agency shutdown at midnight. With just hours left before spending authority expires for the Department of Homeland Security, a three-week spending bill was rejected in the House by a 224-203 vote that left lawmakers few options ahead of the deadline. The vote sent lawmakers scrambling to determine their next steps in a political battle that was originally triggered by Republican efforts to block funding for Democratic President Barack Obama's executive orders last November on immigration by attaching provisions to the department's spending bill. Boehner, who has struggled to control conservatives in his party who considered any compromise on immigration a surrender to Obama, left the House chamber and refused to comment before the final vote was announced.

  • Jeb Bush enters the lion's den, touts conservative credentials

    Jeb Bush speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference in MarylandBy Steve Holland and Andy Sullivan NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. (Reuters) - Republican Jeb Bush asked skeptical conservatives to consider him a “second choice” on Friday but refused to back down from policy positions that have led many right-leaning activists to view his potential presidential candidacy with suspicion. "I'm a practicing, reform-minded conservative," the 62-year-old former Florida governor told the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland near Washington. Many attending the annual gathering of grassroots activists made clear they prefer a potential Bush rival, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, among others. Bush was heckled and booed, but the antipathy was balanced out by enthusiastic supporters who showed up shortly before he spoke and clapped heartily and aggressively.

  • Obama struggles with Wall Street to woo Democrats over broker rules

    U.S. President Barack Obama speaks during a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel following their meeting at the White House in WashingtonBy Sarah N. Lynch and Suzanne Barlyn WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Obama administration is battling Wall Street to win the support of dozens of Democrat lawmakers over rules that could rein in brokers who handle trillions of dollars in retirement accounts. President Barack Obama on Monday called on the Department of Labor to write new rules for brokers that seek to reduce conflicts of interest and "hidden fees" the White House says cost Americans $17 billion from their retirement plans every year. He portrayed the reform as a central tenet of middle-class economics that would help Americans "retire with dignity." What Obama didn't mention is that more than 100 current and former Democrats in the U.S. House of Representative and Senate have raised concerns in the past about attempts to draft such rules, either through comment letters or by voting for legislation that would delay such a reform.

  • Pentagon pulls order relocating military judges to Guantanamo By Ian Simpson FORT MEADE, Md. (Reuters) - The U.S. Defense Department said on Friday it had rescinded an order relocating military judges to Guantanamo Bay that was intended to speed up trials of al Qaeda suspects but drew allegations of Pentagon meddling in the judicial process. Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work's about-face on his Jan. 7 order clears a hurdle for the slow-running trials at the U.S. naval base in Cuba. He cited "unlawful command influence," or Pentagon meddling in the judicial process. In a statement, Work's office said he "believes it is important to preserve the independence of the Military Commission (court) in appearance, as well as in fact." Work's order had stripped three military judges of other duties and ordered them to move to Guantanamo Bay indefinitely to speed up the proceedings.
  • Jeb Bush’s biggest CPAC win: No gifts for Democrats Jeb Bush exited a conservative gathering without having gift-wrapped any material for Democrats to attack him with if he is the party’s nominee in a general election.
  • War crimes and genocide: IS systematically killing religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq, study finds Human rights groups are building the legal case against the Islamic State for war crimes and genocide in its targeting of minorities
  • Despite fiery CPAC speech, is Ted Cruz changing course?

    Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Md., on Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas used a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday to rail against the party establishment, calling himself a “disruptive app” such as Uber that would upend the political system. Delighting the assembled conservative shock troops, Cruz castigated the Republican leadership for selling out their principles by separating a funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security from a measure that would roll back President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration

  • For Jeb Bush, the Q&A is the message

    FILE - In this Feb. 18, 2015 file photo, former Florida Gov. Jeb. Bush speaks in Chicago. As Florida’s governor, Jeb Bush was among the nation’s most conservative state chief executives. He’s quietly embarking on work to persuade the right-flank of the Republican Party he’d be that same kind of conservative in the White House. Eight years removed from office, Bush is viewed by some conservatives as a squishy moderate: a member of the GOP’s most established family with a toxic position on immigration and education standards. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green, File)He hasn’t formally declared his candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination or rolled out a policy agenda, but the former Florida governor is already setting a tone that’s distinguishing him from the rest of his likely opponents.

  • CPAC shows how the GOP’s 2016 strategy of avoiding the MSM could backfire

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speaks with Laura Ingraham during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Md., Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)The Republican National Committee has made shifting from mainstream to conservative media interviewers one of its top priorities for the 2016 cycle, but getting conservatives to ask the questions might not be as much of a pleasure cruise as Republicans hoped.

  • Carly Fiorina Accuses Hillary Clinton of Playing an 'Imitation' Game

    Carly Fiorina Accuses Hillary Clinton of Playing an 'Imitation' GamePositioning herself as the anti-Hillary Clinton candidate in a crowded field of prospective GOP 2016 contenders, Carly Fiorina is unapologetic in attacking the presumptive Democratic nominee. “I think it’s totally fair game to call out the presumptive Democratic nominee on her track record and policies,” the former Hewlett-Packard CEO told ABC News on the sidelines of the Conservative Political Action Conference. At one point, to the cheers of the audience, Fiorina joked, “Like Mrs. Clinton, I too have traveled the globe.

  • Sen. Jim Inhofe Throws Snowball on Senate Floor in Attempt to Debunk Climate Change

    Sen. Jim Inhofe Throws Snowball on Senate Floor in Attempt to Debunk Climate ChangeSen. Jim Inhofe, a devoted climate change denier, tossed a snowball at someone on the Senate floor today as he tried to debunk climate change. “So, Mr. President, catch this,” Inhofe, R-Okla., said on the Senate floor, tossing the snowball to someone off-screen as he tried to suppress a smile. This isn't the first time Inhofe has used snow to make a point about climate change. The Environmental Protection Agency's website says, "Rising global average temperature is associated with widespread changes in weather patterns.

  • FBI: 'We Are Losing the Battle' to Stop ISIS Radicalization Online

    FBI: 'We Are Losing the Battle' to Stop ISIS Radicalization OnlineThe terrorist group wreaking havoc in Syria and Iraq as it blasts videos of beheadings to the world “has proven dangerously competent like no other group before it at employing [online] tools for its nefarious strategy,” the head of the FBI’s counterterrorism division, Assistant Director Michael Steinbach, told lawmakers today. In August, Juraboev allegedly posed a question on an Uzbek-language site tied to ISIS: “I am in USA now.

  • A look at some of Missouri Auditor Schweich's top findings

    In a Monday, Jan. 12, 2015 photo, Tom Schweich, center, holds up his right hand as he repeats the oath of office as Missouri State Auditor, during a brief ceremony in his first floor Capitol office. Delivering the oath is Chief Justice Mary Russell. Schweich is flanked by daughter Emilie, at right, son, Thomas, Jr., and wife, Kathy. Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich died Thursday morning, Feb. 26, 2015, of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot, police say. (AP Photo/News Tribune, Julie Smith)JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Tom Schweich released about 570 audits during his roughly four years as Missouri state auditor, which ended Thursday when he shot himself in what police describe as an apparent suicide. Those audits examined local school districts, municipal courts, state agencies and the offices of other statewide elected officials, among others.

  • Former US Rep. Rick Renzi reports to prison for 3-year term PHOENIX (AP) — Former Arizona Congressman Rick Renzi reported to a federal prison in West Virginia on Friday to begin serving a three-year sentence for corruption, money laundering and other convictions.
  • Partial shutdown? House rejects Homeland Security funding

    Rep. Walter B. Jones, R-N.C., holds up a copy of the Constitution while talking to reporters as House Republicans emerge from a closed-door meeting on how to deal with the impasse over the Homeland Security budget, at the Capitol in Washington, Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015. GOP lawmakers have been trying to block President Barack Obama's executive actions on immigration through the funding for the DHS which expires Friday night. Sounding retreat, House Republicans agreed Thursday night to push short-term funding to prevent a partial shutdown at the Department of Homeland Security while leaving in place Obama administration immigration policies they have vowed to repeal. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)WASHINGTON (AP) — The rebellious Republican-controlled House unexpectedly voted down short-term funding for the Department of Homeland Security late Friday, increasing the prospect of a partial shutdown at midnight of an agency with major anti-terrorism responsibilities.

  • Administration circulates plans for possible DHS shutdown WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is circulating procedures for how the Department of Homeland Security will operate in the event of a midnight shutdown.
  • GOP, Dem senators offer bill challenging Obama on Iran WASHINGTON (AP) — A bipartisan group of senators is pushing legislation that would require a congressional review of any deal the Obama administration and other western powers strike with Iran on its nuclear program.
  • FCC approves net neutrality The nation's top Internet regulator voted to ensure all companies have equal access to the web's pipes.
  • Mitt Romney, Rand Paul and a porno spoof 'Net neutrality' PR campaign highlights curious paths for peddling influence.
  • 'Socialized' or not, Britain's health care system is superior Commentary: fear-mongering aside, British system is superior
  • Canada worried as growing number of youths join jihad

    An image grab taken from a video released by Islamic State group's official Al-Raqqa site via YouTube on September 23, 2014, allegedly shows Islamic State (IS) group recruits riding in armed trucks in an unknown locationConcerned about a growing number of Canadian youths traveling overseas to join jihadists, and lacking an immediate alternative, political leaders have asked parents to keep a more watchful eye on their children for signs of extremism. "These situations are disastrous," Quebec premier Philippe Couillard said Friday, a day after Canadians learned that six of their own, aged 18 and 19, including two young women, had left for Syria via Turkey mid-January. All of them were born in Canada to immigrant parents who said they sought to instill Western values in their offspring. On Wednesday, an Alberta family revealed that their 23-year-old daughter had flown to Syria.

  • White House condemns 'brutal' Nemtsov murder, urges probe

    The body of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov lies covered with plastic on Moskvoretsky bridge near St. Basil cathedral in central Moscow on February 28, 2015The White House condemned what it called the "brutal" murder of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, a fierce critic of President Vladimir Putin who was shot dead in Moscow on Friday. "We call on Russian govt to conduct prompt, impartial & transparent investigation & ensure those responsible are brought to justice," President Barack Obama's National Security Council said in a tweet. "United States condemns brutal murder of Boris Nemtsov," it said in another tweet.

  • Ukraine leader says troop deaths 'serious breach' of truce

    A photo taken and released on February 18, 2015 by the Ukrainian presidential press-service shows Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko speaking during the Security and Defence Council in KievUkrainian President Petro Poroshenko declared the killing of three government troops by pro-Moscow rebels a "serious breach of the ceasefire", during a telephone call Friday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, her office said. "The firing by separatists on Ukrainian troops who were withdrawing constitutes a serious breach of the ceasefire," he was quoted as saying. International monitors said earlier Friday the conflict in Ukraine was at a "crossroads" as further losses among government forces rattle the two-week-old truce just as it had seemed to be gaining traction. The latest skirmishes came as the UN geared up to discuss the conflict exactly one year after Russia began seizing ports and cities on the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea.

  • Training of Syrian rebels in Turkey in 4-6 weeks: US

    A rebel fighter stands on a tank near the frontline in the village of Ratyan in the countryside north of the Syrian city of Aleppo on February 19, 2015The US military said Friday the training of moderate Syrian rebels will likely begin within four to six weeks in Turkey after the two NATO allies clinched an agreement last week. Potential recruits still needed to be vetted for the training sessions, which will take place in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, as well as Turkey, Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby told a news conference. About 1,500 Syrian rebels had been identified to take part and of those 100 had been screened and approved, Kirby said.

  • Stopgap DHS funding fails in US House, midnight shutdown looms

    The US Senate approves funding for the Department of Homeland Security hours before a midnight deadline, but remaining congressional hurdles pushed the agency responsible for domestic security to the brink of shutdownThe US House rejected Republican leadership Friday, failing to approve a three-week extension of Department of Homeland Security funding and setting up a dramatic showdown hours before the agency goes into partial shutdown. If Congress can not pass legislation that allows money to flow, 30,000 DHS employees will be furloughed, while some 200,000 agency staff, including border agents, will be ordered to work without pay. Keeping the DHS funded is a congressional priority, but it became embroiled in bitter political battle over President Barack Obama's immigration plan, which most Democrats support. The Senate approved a "clean" DHS funding bill Friday free of controversial amendments sought by House Republicans to block Obama's immigration executive orders.

  • US could reopen embassy in Cuba within weeks

    US Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere Roberta Jacobson speaks to the press after talks at the US State Department in Washington, DC on February 27, 2015The United States and Cuba said they made progress Friday in talks on restoring diplomatic ties and Washington could reopen its Havana embassy before a key April summit if differences are overcome. After a second round of historic meetings, negotiators from both countries appeared optimistic about the road ahead, but cautioned there were still outstanding issues to resolve in order to restore diplomatic ties frozen for half a century. In open, honest and sometimes challenging...conversation we addressed the requirements of each side and the differences we identified in our first discussion in Havana a month ago," said top US diplomat for Latin America, Roberta Jacobson.

  • Fischer says Fed's QE an effective stimulus

    Federal Reserve Vice Chair Stanley Fischer speaks during a CNN Debate on the Global Economy in Washington, DC, October 9, 2014Federal Reserve Vice Chair Stanley Fischer on Friday said the Fed's exceptional large-scale asset purchases were continuing to provide "meaningful stimulus" to the US economy. At a monetary policy forum in New York, Fischer laid out the positive effects of the central bank's massive rounds of quantitative easing aimed at pulling the economy out of the 2008-2009 Great Recession. The controversial QE tool also has been used by the British and Japanese central banks amid a slowing global recovery and is set to be launched next month by the European Central Bank to revive the eurozone. Fischer noted that the Fed's balance sheet over the past several years has swollen to about $4.5 trillion, largely reflecting the QE programs, from about $900 billion in 2006.

  • UN unable to identify attackers in South Sudan copter downing

    A picture from the United Nations Mission in Sudan shows Sudan People's Liberation Army Major General Peter Gadet (L) addressing his troops in Abyei on July 2, 2008A UN inquiry has concluded that a Russian helicopter was probably hit by anti-aircraft fire when it crashed in South Sudan last year, but could not determine who was responsible for the attack, the UN spokesman said Friday. Three Russian crew members were killed and a fourth injured in the downing on August 26 of the Mi-8 helicopter flying for the UN mission in South Sudan. The board of inquiry concluded that "there is a high probability that the helicopter was hit by anti-aircraft fire which caused mechanical failure and eventually leading to the crash," UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said. In September, the UN mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) had indicated that a rebel leader, Peter Gadet, had a hand in the attack.

  • Boko Haram raid villages after Chadian offensive: residents

    In this screen grab image taken on February 9, 2015 from a video made available by Islamist group Boko Haram, leader Abubakar Shekau makes a statement at an undisclosed locationBoko Haram fighters have raided villages in northeast Nigeria on the border with Cameroon, apparently in reprisal for a Chadian offensive against its hideouts, residents told AFP on Friday. Hundreds of residents fled across the border into Cameroon, prompting Chad -- part of a regional coalition against the Islamists -- to respond by bombarding rebel positions, they said. "They targeted mainly Shuwa tribesmen, who are from the same ethnic group as a large number of the Chadian troops," said Adum Walfannea, himself a Shuwa Arab, from Anguduram village. Kurso Khala, who fled one of the worst-affected villages, Mudu, said the militants besieged a local market and blocked all but one entrance.

  • Jeb Bush cheered, jeered at conservative confab

    Former Florida governor Jeb Bush speaks at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at National Harbor, Maryland, outside Washington, DC on February 27, 2015Jeb Bush courted rightwing American voters at a crucial political testing ground Friday, but the presumed Republican presidential frontrunner for 2016 received a mixed reception -- including heckles -- from wary conservatives. The former Florida governor has work to do to convince some of the Republican Party faithful crowding the annual talk shop known as CPAC at Oxon Hill, close to Washington, where several competing presidential hopefuls are attempting to get core conservatives on side. It is not necessarily as a member of the controversial Bush dynasty -- a hurdle that in itself may be a heavy lift -- but rather as an establishment favorite whom some here see as a sellout to billionaire donors and Obama-backed policies like immigration reform and education standards. When pressed, Bush said he opposes President Barack Obama's executive overreach shielding millions from deportation.

  • US 'unwavering' in protecting gay rights: Kerry

    Randy Berry (R) listens while US Secretary of State John Kerry speaks during a reception at the US State Department on February 27, 2015 in Washington, DCSecretary of State John Kerry said Friday the United States was "unwavering" in its commitment to protecting homosexuals worldwide, as he introduced Washington's first envoy for gay rights. Randy Berry, who was named Monday, is tasked with helping countries coordinate US strategy on rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, as well as to highlight such issues around the world. "The United States of America remains unwavering in our commitment to advance the human rights of all human beings, and that includes LGBT persons prominently, appropriately equal to everybody else -- here at home and around the world," Kerry said to wide applause. Berry, standing with his husband and two children, decried the violation of LGBT rights worldwide.

  • DR Congo army launches new offensive against Rwandan rebels

    A box of ammunition reportedly abandoned by Rwandan ethnic Hutu rebels of the FDLR on March 11, 2014, near Tongo, DRCThe Democratic Republic of Congo army has launched a fresh offensive against Rwandan Hutu rebels in the east of the country, an army officer participating in the operations said on Friday. "We have been ordered to hunt down the FDLR (Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda) and we recovered some positions," an army based in the eastern Virunga National Park told AFP. Military operations are ongoing in the Rutshuru territory on the border of Rwanda and Uganda, North Kivu civil society groups said in a statement confirming the government report. The first army offensive against the FDLR took place on Tuesday in the South Kivu province, also in the east.

  • Mexico's 'I'm tired now' attorney general steps down

    Mexico's Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam speaks during a press conference in Mexico City on January 27, 2015Mexico's much-maligned attorney general, who has faced public anger over the investigation into the presumed slaughter of 43 students, will step down Friday to take up another cabinet post. Jesus Murillo Karam will be sworn in as the new minister of rural, territorial and urban development at a ceremony presided by President Enrique Pena Nieto, the government said. Murillo Karam's exit was widely expected under a reform that will turn the federal prosecutor's office into an autonomous department. Murillo Karam concluded that the students were abducted by corrupt local police officers who handed them over to a drug gang that killed the young men and incinerated their bodies in September.

  • ICC prosecutor in Uganda urges LRA rebel chief to surrender

    International Criminal Court's prosecutor Fatou Bensouda addresses a press conference in Kampala, Uganda, on February 27, 2015The International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor pleaded on Friday for the Ugandan Lord's Resistance Army rebel chief to surrender, vowing he would receive a fair trial just as his deputy faces. Senior rebel leader Dominic Ongwen, a child-soldier-turned-warlord in Uganda's LRA, appeared before the ICC in The Hague for the first time in January, charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity. ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda called for the surrender of Ongwen's rebel supremo Joseph Kony, the last LRA rebel indicted by the ICC believed to be still at large.

  • US sets out 'bottom lines' for Iran nuclear deal

    A general view of the water facility in Arak on January 15, 2011The United States on Friday set out what it called its "bottom lines" to reach a deal with Iran to rein in its nuclear program, ahead of new talks next week. Washington had stuck to its guns that it wanted a "good deal" and had agreed to several extensions of the negotiations "because we have held firm to certain bottom lines," a senior US administration official said. "We will only accept an agreement that cuts off the different pathways to the fissile material that Iran needs for a nuclear weapon," the official stressed. US Secretary of State John Kerry will leave at the weekend for Switzerland, where he will meet once again with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif.

  • US says could open embassy in Cuba before April summit

    A man stands outside the US Interest Office in Havana, on December 18, 2014Washington (AFP) - The United States said Friday it could reopen its embassy in Havana before a high-profile summit of the Americas in April, but cautioned "serious disagreements" remain over restoring ties with Cuba.

  • US cancels rule requiring judges to stay in Guantanamo

    This photo made during an escorted visit and reviewed by US military, shows the razor wire-topped fence and a watch tower at the abandoned "Camp X-Ray" detention facility at the US Naval Station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, April 9, 2014The Pentagon has scrapped a rule that required US military judges overseeing tribunals at Guantanamo Bay to stay permanently at the American base in Cuba, officials said Friday. The rule, imposed last month, was meant to speed up the pace of the trials for Guantanamo inmates facing terror charges. Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work rescinded the rule in a memo on Thursday, Pentagon press secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby told reporters. Work was aware that "there was perhaps an inappropriate perception formed by that decision" and cancelled the change to safeguard the independence of the military commissions, Kirby said.

  • Cameron defends security services after media unmask 'Jihadi John'

    'Jihadi John', named as London man Mohammed Emwazi, was identified to the Washington Post by friends and others familiar with the casePrime Minister David Cameron on Friday defended Britain's security services and vowed to defeat Islamic extremists after media reports named Islamic State executioner "Jihadi John" as London graduate Mohammed Emwazi. "We will do everything we can with the police, the security services, with all that we have at our disposal, to find these people and put them out of action," Cameron said at news conference in Wales.

  • Cuba cites 'progress' in talks with US, but issues remain

    Josefina Vidal, head of the Cuban delegation, waits for a meeting to start at the US State Department on February 27, 2015 in Washington, DCWashington (AFP) - Cuba said Friday that progress had been made in talks with the United States on restoring diplomatic ties, but that there were still outstanding issues to resolve.

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