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Politics News Headlines - Yahoo News

Englische Grammatik einfach, kompakt und übersichtlich (Anzeige)

Politics News Headlines - Yahoo News

Alle News verweisen auf die Webseite des jeweiligen Anbieters. Wenn du beim Klicken auf den Link zusätzlich die SHIFT-Taste (Internet Explorer, Opera) oder STRG-Taste (Netscape, Firefox) gedrückt hälst, kannst du die News auch in einem neuen Fenster öffnen.

  • Congress jockeys over troubled border-funding bill

    Maria, an undocumented migrant from Central America, looks out of a window in Los AngelesLegislation to pay for handling a flood of Central American migrant children hung by a thread in the Congress on Wednesday amid deep divisions over President Barack Obama's emergency funding request, even as the Senate agreed to bring up a Democratic measure. The Democrat-controlled Senate voted 63-33 to consider the bill. The legislation would provide $2.7 billion in emergency funds to secure borders further and to feed and house temporarily some of the 57,000 unaccompanied minors who have arrived in the U.S. Southwest illegally since October. As a result, the emergency funding bill is likely to get bogged down in the Senate and fail to be approved before a five-week summer recess starts this week.

  • In Florida governor's race, Democrat woos crucial black vote

    Former Republican Governor Crist addresses supporters in a waterfront park where he announced his Democratic candidacy for governor during a rally in St. Petersburg, Florida in this file photoBy Letitia Stein TAMPA Fla. (Reuters) - As the leading Democratic candidate for Florida governor, Charlie Crist would be expected to draw overwhelming support from the state's more than 1.6 million registered black voters. "Charlie Crist has some real work to do to regain trust in the black community," said Daniel Smith, a political science professor at the University of Florida in Gainesville. He added, "I also believe in forgiveness." The moniker has resurfaced lately in racially charged radio ads and flyers, while some early polls show his support among black voters, who make up more than a quarter of Florida's Democrats, falling short of what is likely needed to wrestle the state from Republican hands after almost 16 years.

  • House panel approves bill to force Fed to follow rule

    Sun rises to the east of the U.S. Federal Reserve building in WashingtonBy Michael Flaherty WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The House of Representatives Financial Services Committee narrowly approved a bill on Wednesday that would require the Federal Reserve to set a specific rule to follow when implementing monetary policy. The bill, which is opposed by the U.S. central bank, passed the panel on a 32-26 vote, clearing it for possible consideration by the full House. Nevertheless, it serves as a marker in an ongoing political debate over the Fed's role. Some lawmakers are uncomfortable with the extraordinary steps the central bank took to battle the 2007-2009 financial crisis and recession.

  • Kerry presses India on global trade deal as deadline looms

    U.S. Secretary of State Kerry greets the media upon his arrival at the airport in New DelhiBy Sanjeev Miglani NEW DELHI (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who arrived in India on Wednesday for an official visit, has pressed New Delhi to drop its opposition to global trade reforms, saying it was a test of the country's commitment to advance economic liberalisation. Kerry made the call in a newspaper article, penned along with U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, published hours ahead of his arrival for talks aimed at revitalising ties that have been mired in disputes over trade, intellectual property rights and climate change. India has threatened to block a worldwide reform of customs rules, saying it must be accompanied by a parallel agreement allowing developing countries more freedom to subsidise and stockpile food grains. The deadline for the deal that the World Trade Organisation says could provide a trillion dollar stimulus to the global economy is Thursday.

  • Blast in Gaza during CNN live shot sends reporter, crew ducking for cover Karl Penhaul was delivering a live report from the Gaza Strip on Tuesday and was forced to take cover when a blast from Israel's shelling of Gaza City rocked a building just 200 yards behind him.
  • No Labels? No results? No problem.

    No Labels, a group of Republican and Democrat Congressmen, gather to call for a solution to end the U.S. Government shut down on Capitol Hill in Washington.Like other outside political groups, No Labels spends a large part of its budget maintaining and promoting its own organization. And though No Labels has positioned itself as a warrior against gridlock, in an internal document obtained by Yahoo News, the group is banking on more political dysfunction in an attempt to find “opportunity” and relevance for itself. The confidential document, distributed at No Labels’ May executive board meeting, outlines a “break through strategy” for the group, which despite raising millions and a buzzy-for-cable-news-talk launch, has struggled to find a foothold on the campaign trail or in the halls of Congress. The first point in that “break through strategy” is a “balance of power shift in the U.S. Senate,” a precarious position to outline, if not advocate, given No Labels’ aim of bipartisanship and that one of the group’s co-chairs, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, currently sits in the majority caucus.

  • Other crises muscle onto world stage just as Iraq is coming undone While the Obama administration and much of the global media focused on crises in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip in recent weeks, the centrifugal forces of a sectarian civil war continued to pull Iraq apart.
  • Romney would top Obama if 2012 presidential election were held today: poll If a rematch of the 2012 presidential election were held today, Mitt Romney would win the popular vote over President Barack Obama, a new CNN/ORC International poll finds.
  • Exclusive: Sen. John Walsh responds to revelations that he plagiarized Army War College paper A doctor prescribed Montana Democratic Sen. John Walsh medication for symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder after he returned from an Army deployment in Iraq, but he was not formally diagnosed with PTSD, the senator confirmed to Yahoo News following revelations this week that he had plagiarized a paper to receive his masters degree at the Army War College in 2007.
  • ABC Goes Inside Gaza With an Israeli Armored Unit

    ABC Goes Inside Gaza With an Israeli Armored UnitABC's Terry Moran Embedded With Israeli Unit Checking Out a Gaza Tunnel

  • 'Do Nothing' Congress Gets Busy - Raising Campaign Cash

    'Do Nothing' Congress Gets Busy - Raising Campaign CashCongress Scrambles to Collect Campaign Cash Before August Recess

  • The Romneys Took a Summer Vacation And It Was Amazing

    The Romneys Took a Summer Vacation And It Was AmazingHe’s reportedly worth around $250 million, so you might think Mitt Romney would opt for an opulent, luxurious vacation now that he’s out of the spotlight. Instead, the former presidential nominee, his wife, Ann, and five of their grandkids roughed it out in the “American...

  • Terror threats at chemical plants underestimated

    This April 18, 2013 file photo shows an aerial view of the remains of a fertilizer plant and an apartment complex to the left, destroyed by an explosion in West, Texas. The government has failed to inspect virtually all of the chemical facilities that it considers to be at high risk for a terror attack, numbering in the thousands, and has underestimated the threat to densely populated cities, congressional investigators say. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez, File)WASHINGTON (AP) — The government is underestimating the threat of a chemical attack on America's densely populated cities and has failed to inspect virtually all of the chemical facilities that it considers particularly vulnerable to terrorists, congressional investigators say.

  • Ex-IRS official called conservatives 'crazies' WASHINGTON (AP) — A former IRS official at the heart of the agency's tea party controversy called conservative Republicans "crazies" and more in emails released Wednesday.
  • GOP-led House ready to OK lawsuit against Obama

    Speaker of the House John Boehner of Ohio, arrives for a meeting of the Republican Conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, July 29, 2014. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans said they were determined to make President Barack Obama heed the Constitution as they began muscling legislation through the House on Wednesday authorizing an election-year lawsuit asserting he has exceeded his executive powers.

  • Obama chides House GOP for pursuing lawsuit

    President Barack Obama speaks about the economy, Wednesday, July 30, 2014, at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City, Mo. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — President Barack Obama says the House GOP's vote to file a lawsuit against him is taking away from time they could be spending on issues that are important to the American people.

  • Former IRS official called GOP 'crazies' in email WASHINGTON (AP) — A former IRS official at the heart of the agency's tea party controversy called Republicans "crazies" and more in newly released emails.
  • Unpaid tax debts surprisingly frequent among those with U.S. security clearances Being a deadbeat does not mean you cannot read secret documents.
  • Koch-backed seniors group low-balling election spending? The 60 Plus Association tells the IRS it barely spends money on politics — despite funding millions in candidate attack ads.
  • Obama curbs nuclear security goals as bomb-building budget grows The White House rejected a confidential proposal to accelerate work on nuclear security problems despite a missed 2013 deadline.
  • Uganda activists launch court bid to overturn anti-gay law

    Ugandan human rights and gay rights activists attend a hearing at the constitutional court in Kampala on July 30, 2014Ugandan activists launched a petition Wednesday at the constitutional court seeking to overturn tough anti-gay laws that have been condemned by rights groups as draconian. Signed by Uganda's veteran President Yoweri Museveni in February, the law calls for homosexuals to be jailed for life, outlaws the promotion of homosexuality and obliges Ugandans to denounce gays to the authorities. "I have a very good feeling about it," the group's lawyer Nicholas Opio said after the hearing in a crowded courtroom. Western nations have also made a raft of aid cuts to Uganda in protest since the law was passed.

  • Libya Islamists seize key Benghazi army base

    Smoke billows during clashes between security forces and armed groupsIslamist groups have seized the army special forces headquarters in Libya's Benghazi after days of fighting left at least 35 soldiers dead and plunged the country deeper into lawlessness. Libya's Red Crescent said it had recovered the bodies of 35 soldiers from the base. Fighting in Benghazi has claimed about another 60 lives since Saturday, medical officials in the city said. "Special forces under the command of (Colonel) Wanis Abu Khamada withdrew after several attacks," said the army official after the biggest loss yet for the armed forces in their fight against the country's powerful militias.

  • US spy agency patents car seat for kids

    The logo of the National Security Agency hangs at the Threat Operations Center inside the NSA in the Washington suburb of Fort Meade, Maryland, January 25, 2006Electronic eavesdropping is the National Security Agency's forte, but it seems it also has a special interest in children's car seats, Foreign Policy magazine reported Wednesday. The "integrated child seat for vehicle" is among more than 270 patents issued since 1979 to the super-secretive spy agency at the center of whistleblower Edward Snowden's revelations. "The national security benefits of this device are neither obvious nor spelled out in the patent," wrote Foreign Policy on its Complex blog (complex.foreignpolicy.com). "But the car seat's inventors promise to finally overcome a 'well known measure of inconvenience' plaguing parents across America, who are forced to install new, bigger car seats as their children grow up, the patent states."

  • Bloody mayhem at Gaza market as Israel observes 'lull'

    Palestinian youths inspect destruction at a mosque in Gaza City, on July 30, 2014At least 17 people were killed when Israeli warplanes fired on a packed Gaza market Wednesday in a deadly raid which came as Israel was observing a four-hour humanitarian lull. It was supposed to have been a rare pause for Gaza's battered population of 1.8 million to go out in safety to stock up on goods, and for medics to evacuate the dead and wounded. Instead, there was further bloody mayhem with more than 30 people killed across Gaza in the first three hours alone, sending the death toll from 23 days of unrelenting Israeli attacks soaring above 1,300. Israel had said that its truce, which began at 1200 GMT, would not apply in places were troops were "currently operating" just hours after the army made what a "significant advance" into the narrow coastal strip.

  • Catalan leader vows to press head with independence referendum

    Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy (left) and Catalan leader Artur Mas shake hands before a meeting at the Moncloa Palace in Madrid, on July 30, 2014The leader of Spain's economically powerful region of Catalonia vowed Wednesday to press ahead with an independence referendum during talks with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy who insists the poll is illegal. "My message was exactly the same as a year ago, we are absolutely determined to hold the consultation," Artur Mas told reporters following a two-hour meeting with Rajoy. He said Rajoy reiterated his long-standing position during their talks that the referendum would be illegal under Spain's constitution. Mas, who has headed the Catalan government since 2010, began pushing for the referendum after he failed to clinch a better financial deal from the central government for Catalonia in 2012.

  • Filipina nurse kidnapped, raped in Libya's Tripoli

    Smoke billows from a road leading to Tripoli's international airport as fighting between rival factions continues on July 23, 2014Unknown gunmen kidnapped and raped a Filipina nurse Wednesday in the Libyan capital, medics and security officials said. The ministry said the incident could push the Philippines to speed up the evacuation of its citizens, 3,000 of whom work in Libya as doctors and nurses, as the country sinks further into chaos. On July 20, as the lawless North African country sank further into violence, the Philippines urged its estimated 13,000 citizens in Libya to leave and alerted them to prepare for a mass evacuation.

  • Russia warns sanctions will backfire on West

    A Ukrainian man videos a shell crater in Donetsk, on July 29, 2014A defiant Russia said Wednesday unprecedented Western sanctions over Ukraine would boomerang back on the United States and lead to energy price hikes in Europe after Brussels and Washington unveiled the toughest punitive measures against Moscow since the Cold War. Russia's response came as the Ukrainian military pushed on with its offensive against pro-Russian rebels in the east, retaking the town of Avdiyivka, only a dozen kilometres (eight miles) from the main rebel city of Donetsk. The Russian foreign ministry warned the United States it was shooting itself in the foot, saying the US was punishing the Kremlin for "independent policies that Washington finds inconvenient."

  • Israel says three soldiers killed in Gaza fighting  

    Israeli soldiers fire towards the Gaza Strip from their position near Israel's border with the coastal Palestinian enclave on July 27, 2014The Israeli army said on Wednesday that three soldiers had been killed while trying to destroy a booby-trapped tunnel inside the Gaza Strip. "Three soldiers were killed today inside the Gaza Strip," a spokeswoman told AFP. In a statement, the army said they had been killed "while uncovering an offensive tunnel shaft in a residence in the southern Gaza Strip. Another 27 soldiers were wounded in other incidents inside Gaza, the army said.

  • US GDP growth rebounds to 4.0% in 2nd quarter

    Construction workers build the $1.05 bn Brickell CityCentre condo/retail mix use complex on July 7, 2014 in MiamiThe initial estimate of second-quarter growth was far better than most analysts had expected and showed solid rebounds in private investment and consumer spending, especially on durable goods like cars and appliances. The improved data could increase pressure on the Federal Reserve, which was holding a monetary policy meeting on Wednesday, to rethink its plans to increase interest rates only in the second half of 2015.

  • Nigeria suicide blast kills six in Kano

    A crime patrol is seen outside the partially burnt police station in the Sheka neighbourhood of the northern Nigerian city of Kano on January 25, 2012The latest suicide blast in Nigeria's Kano city killed six people on Wednesday and was carried out by a woman, the fourth time a female bomber has attacked the city in a week, an official said. "At about 2.30 pm (1330 GMT), another female suicide bomber exploded an improvised explosive device at the Kano State polytechnic... Six persons were killed," government spokesman Mike Omeri said in a statement.

  • EU short of women for next executive

    Catherine Ashton, the EU's current foreign policy chiefWith only 24 hours to go, Jean-Claude Juncker, president-designate of the next European Commission, is still very short of female candidates for his 28-member team. In fact, instead of nine or even 10 female faces to provide minimal gender balance, so far only one of the European Union's 28 nations has put up a woman candidate for a post. She is Czech politician Vera Jourova, a 49-year-old businesswoman and lawyer who this year was appointed Regional Development minister in the government. Juncker's proposed Commission needs to win approval from the European Parliament in October before taking office.

  • 15 dead, 150 wounded in Israeli strike on Gaza market: medics  

    Members of the Red Crescent push a stretcher carrying a wounded Palestinian man following an Israeli air strike on the Shejaiya neighbourhood near Gaza City, on July 30, 2014At least 15 people were killed and another 150 people wounded in an Israeli air strike on a market near Gaza City, medics said. Emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said the strike hit a busy market in the battered Shejaiya neighbourhood, which lies between Gaza City and the Israeli border. The strike came shortly after the Israeli army said it was observing a humanitarian lull that would be in force for four hours from 1200 GMT.

  • Tunisia can't cope with massive Libya refugee influx: minister

    Somali refugees protect themselves from a sandstorm on April 24, 2011 in Choucha, Tunisia, near the Tunsia-Libya borderTunisia cannot cope with any massive influx of refugees who might seek to enter the country from strife-torn neighbouring Libya and will close its border if necessary, the foreign minister said Wednesday. "Our country's economic situation is precarious, and we cannot cope with hundreds of thousands of refugees," as was the case during the 2011 revolution that ousted Libyan dictator Moamer Kadhafi, Mongi Hamdi told a press conference. Libya has suffered chronic insecurity since Kadhafi's ouster, with the new government unable to check militias that helped to overthrow him and facing a growing threat from Islamist groups.

  • US bars some Venezuelan officials accused of rights abuse

    Riot police struggle with anti-government demonstrators during a protest in Caracas on May 14, 2014The United States has slapped travel bans on a number of Venezuelan government officials accused of involvement in human rights abuses, a senior US diplomat said Wednesday, amid growing tensions between the two countries. "Government security forces have responded to these protests in many instances with arbitrary detentions and excessive use of force," said deputy State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf. US Secretary of State John Kerry had therefore "decided to impose restrictions on travel to the United States by a number of Venezuelan government officials who have been responsible for or complicit in such human rights abuses," Harf said in a statement. While Harf refused to publicly identify who had been targeted, another State Department official said the restrictions included "individuals at various levels of government, from government ministers and presidential advisors to judicial officials, law enforcement and military officials."

  • Rwanda seeks life for army officer accused of attack plots

    Joel Mutabazi (L) sits with his co-accused during his trial on January 28, 2014 in KigaliMilitary prosecution lawyers in Rwanda on Wednesday sought a life sentence for an ex-officer accused of plotting attacks on the state, who was extradited from Uganda despite being a refugee. Joel Mutabazi, a former member of the presidential guard protecting Rwandan President Paul Kagame, fled the country in 2011 but was extradited by Ugandan authorities last year, despite criticism from rights groups. Mutabazi, whose trial opened in January, was indicted on charges of "terrorism, setting up an armed group, spreading rumours with the intention of inciting the public to rise up against the state, murder, crimes against the state and illegal possession of a firearm". "All these are serious crimes, and for this we request a life sentence", army prosecutor Faustin Nzakamwita told the military court in the capital Kigali.

  • Massive Attack dedicate Lebanon gig to Gaza children

    A Press Photo Agency picture shows British band Massive Attack performing in Lebanon on July 29, 2014, showing a message denouncing Israel's action against GazaInfluential British band Massive Attack dedicated their only Middle East gig to the children of Gaza, openly condemning Israel's "massacre" of the Palestinians. As the band played in Byblos, in Lebanon, just a few hundred kilometres north of Gaza, swaying music-lovers on Tuesday night held up Palestinian flags as Massive Attack issued a rare, explicit condemnation of Israel's offensive.

  • Nearly 50 French, British nationals evacuated from Libya: France

    checking passports at the naval base in Tripoli during the evacuation from Libya of French and British citizensFrance has evacuated nearly 50 French and British citizens from Libya by ship, French authorities said on Wednesday, amid growing lawlessness and unrest in the north African country. The French chief of staff said 40 French nationals and seven Britons were pulled out in the overnight operation and would be taken to the southern French port city of Toulon. The French ambassador was among those who left and the embassy has been temporarily closed, said foreign ministry spokesman Vincent Floreani. France had on Monday advised its nationals -- of whom less than 100 remained in Libya -- to leave the country immediately and contact the embassy for evacuation.

  • Obama immigration executive orders could force showdown Reports that President Barack Obama could use executive orders to enact immigration policies could force a showdown with Republicans with broad constitutional implications.
  • Ukraine economy shrinks further in second quarter

    The Iron and Steel Factory in the Ukrainian industrial city of Mariupol on October 29, 2008Ukraine's economy, already in deep recession, shrank even further in the second quarter as the country remained mired in crisis, official figures showed Wednesday. Gross domestic product contracted 2.3 percent after shrinking 2.0 percent in the first quarter, according to seasonally adjusted data. Ukraine has been in almost uninterrupted recession for more than two years and the situation has worsened in recent months because of a deep political crisis followed by an ongoing conflict in the east. The International Monetary Fund granted Ukraine a $17-billion (13-billion euro) credit line in April as part of a $27-billion international bailout.

  • Suspected Jewish Museum gunman charged with terrorist-linked murder

    This file photo taken on May 26, 2014 shows a young boy laying flowers outside the Jewish Museum in BrusselsA Frenchman suspected of carrying out a fatal shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels was charged Wednesday with "murder in a terrorist context", the Belgian prosecutor's office said. Mehdi Nemmouche, 29, who spent more than a year fighting with Islamist extremists in Syria, was extradited from France to Belgium the previous day to be questioned over the May 24 shooting which left four people dead. "Since his arrival he has been interrogated by the counter-terrorist unit of the federal judiciary police of Brussels, as well as by the investigating judge," the prosecutor's office said in a statement.

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