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Übung zum Future I Simple mit going to

Die folgenden Personen werden gleich etwas tun. Es ist zu erkennen, dass sie ihre Handlungen bereits geplant / vorbereitet haben.

Bilde positive Sätze im Future I mit going to.

  1. What does she need the telephone for?
    (she / call / her boyfriend)
  2. Why are they wearing sport suits?
    (they / play / squash)
  3. Why has Fiona bought chocolates?
    (She / visit / her grandma)
  4. Why do you need a map?
    (we / walk / in the mountains)
  5. What do you need the cloth and the bucket for?
    (we / wash / the car)
  6. Why are you running about with the toothbrush?
    (I / brush / my teeth)
  7. Why is daddy not coming with us?
    (he / repair / the car)
  8. Hurry up!
    (they / light / the bonfire)
  9. Why are all these tapes on the table?
    (we / learn / Greek)
  10. What do you need the pen for?
    (I / write / some postcards)