Übung zu If-Sätzen (gemischt)

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Typ I, II oder III

Entscheide, ob es sich bei den folgenden If-Sätzen um Typ I, II oder III handelt.

  1. If he had dropped the vase, it would have broken.
  2. If you have to do the washing up, I will help you.
  3. If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning ... (song)
  4. I wouldn't run away if I saw a spider.
  5. We'd have given you a lift if you hadn't had your bike with you.
  6. If you had listened to me, the accident wouldn't have happened.
  7. If we don't get tickets for the concert, we'll stay at home.
  8. They'd go by bus if they didn't have a car.
  9. She'll hear us if you don't stop laughing.
  10. He wouldn't have taken the bread if he hadn't been hungry.