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Übungen – Freies Schreiben

Beim Freien Schreiben sind deiner Phantasie keine Grenzen gesetzt. Deine Texte werden daher sicher völlig anders aussehen als unsere Beispiele. Wir wollen dir mit unseren Beispiellösungen lediglich ein paar Anregungen geben, wie du an die einzelnen Themen herangehen kannst.

9. Is there a relation between industrialization and pollution? Explain your opinion.

I take the view that there is definitely a relation between industrialization and pollution.

There are many big factories in the world and they have lots of machines in order to make plenty of products. The machines, however, need electricity and the materials that are used often pollute the environment. Burning coal for example pollutes the air.

Another aspect is that not all factories behave in the way they should. A lot of industrial waste (chemicals for example) is carelessly put into rivers and lakes. The result of this is that many animals and plants die. If the factories behaved in the way they should, the pollution wouldn't be so high.

I think that everybody should do more to protect our nature.

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