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Grammatik Englisch – Past Progressive

Bildung des Past Progressive

  • P: He was speaking.
  • N: He was not speaking.
  • F: Was he speaking?

Anwendung des Past Progressive

Das Past Progressive bezieht sich auf Handlungen in der Vergangenheit, wobei die Dauer bzw. der Ablauf der Handlung besonders betont werden soll.

Signalwörter des Past Progressive

when, while, as long as

Ausführliche Erläuterung und Übungen zum Past Progressive

Übung zum Past Progressive

Ergänzen Sie die Sätze im Past Progressive.

  1. Yesterday at six, John (drive) to the airport.
  2. While Claire (have) lunch in the cantine, Mary and Will (talk) to a customer.
  3. I (prepare) the invoice, when my computer suddenly crashed.
  4. When we (sit) in the meeting, Joseph suddenly got a hiccup.
  5. I (gossip / not) with Amy when you came in - we (discuss) a serious problem.
  6. Bob and I (walk) to the office, when it suddenly started to rain.
  7. During the week of the conference, I (stay) at a nice B&B.
  8. Where (you / stay) during your time in London?
  9. Who (do) my job while I was in hospital?