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Übungen zu If-Sätzen Typ 3

Was für ein Spiel – schon wieder hat die Lieblingsmannschaft verloren! Deshalb diskutieren die Fans nach dem Fußballspiel kräftig, was hätte anders laufen können.

Ergänze die If-Sätze vom Typ III.

  1. If the midfielders the ball more exactly, our team more chances to attack.
  2. If the forwards faster, they more goals.
  3. Their motivation if they a goal during the first half.
  4. The fullbacks one or the other goal if they their opponents.
  5. If the goalie up, he the ball.
  6. If the referee the foul, he a penalty kick to our team.
  7. Our team in better form if they harder the weeks before.
  8. The game better if the trainer a substitute in during the second half.
  9. If it a home game, our team the match.
  10. If our team the match, they up in the league.