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The Canterville Ghost

Verben im Passiv hervorheben

Chapter I

When the American, Mr Otis, bought Canterville Castle, everyone told him that this was very dumm, töricht foolish, as the place was haunt - spuken
the place is haunted - an diesem Ort spukt es
. But Mr Otis answered, “I come from a modern country, where we have everything that money can buy. And if there were such a thing as a ghost in Europe, we would have it at home in one of our museums.”

A few weeks later, on a lovely July evening, Mr Otis, his wife and their children, Washington, Virginia and the Zwillingetwins, went down to their new home. When they entered the Alleeavenue of Canterville Castle, the sky suddenly became dark and a unheimlichspooky stillness was in the air.

Mrs Umney, the Haushälter/inhousekeeper, led them into the library of the castle, where they sat down and began to look around. Suddenly, Mrs Otis saw a red Fleckstain on the floor just by the Kaminfireplace and said to Mrs Umney, “I am afraid something has been spill - verschütten, vergießenspilt there.”

“Yes, madam,” said the old housekeeper in a low voice, “blood has been spilt on that Stellespot.”

“How terrible,” said Mrs Otis; “I don't want any blood-stains in my sitting-room. It must be remove - entfernenremoved at once.”

The old woman smiled and answered, “It is the blood of Lady Eleanore de Canterville, who was murdered on that spot by her husband, Sir Simon de Canterville, in 1575. Sir Simon disappeared seven years later. His body has never been found, but his ghost still haunts the Castle. The blood-stain is a tourist attraction now and it cannot be removed.”

“That is all Unsinn, Blödsinnnonsense,” said Washington, the eldest son of the Otis family, “ Fleckentfernerstain remover will clean it up in no time,” and he took a bottle of stain remover out of his pocket and cleaned the spot. But as soon as the blood-stain had disappeared, a terrible flash of lightning lit up the room and a fearful Donnerschlagpeal of thunder made the whole building shake.

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