Loch Ness

Loch Ness is a lake between the Scottish towns of Inverness and Fort Augustus. The word loch is Scottish for lake. Loch Ness is about 37 km long and extremely deep, the deepest part is 226 m.

Loch Ness

Loch Ness is famous for its friendly monster, Nessie. Most people think that this is only a legend, but every year tourists from all over the world come to Loch Ness and hope that they will see the monster.

Grammatikübung zum Text

Present Perfect Simple

Mit dem Present Perfect Simple drücken wir aus, was bisher passiert ist oder nicht passiert ist. (Es darf dabei aber keine Zeitangabe in der Vergangenheit verwendet werden – sonst musst du das Simple Past nehmen.) Im Grammatikteil kannst du alles noch einmal genau nachlesen: Present Perfect Simple.

Setze die Verben ins Present Perfect Simple.

  1. Tourists from all over the world (be) to Loch Ness.
  2. Most of them (see / not) Nessie, however.
  3. Only very few people say that the Loch Ness Monster (appear) in front of them.
  4. Even scientists (come) to Loch Ness to find the monster.
  5. And the boss of the Guinness brewery (promise) to pay 500,000 Pounds to the person who catches Nessie.