England’s Maritime South-West

von Bob Barton (mit freundlicher Genehmigung von VisitBritain.com)

Englands far south-western counties of Cornwall and Devon aufweisen, reich sein anboast a seafaring tradition of adventurers, explorers, pirates and emigrants.

Even the 08:35 train from Londons Paddington station to Plymouth, Devon bear a name = einen Namen tragenbears a ships name – The Mayflower. This was the vessel which carried a hier: Gruppeband of entschlossen, zielstrebigdetermined religious reformers, the Pilgrim Fathers, on their bedeutsammomentous journey to a new life in North America in 1620. After 66 days at sea they eventually settle = sich niederlassensettled in New Plymouth and legten den Grundsteinlaid the foundation of the New England states.

The story is brought to life in the naval port and city of Plymouths Mayflower exhibition, situated on The Barbican, opposite the historic harbour steps from which they losfahren, hier: lossegelnset off nearly four centuries ago. It also tells how thousands of emigrants to the USA and other countries (mainly Australia and New Zealand, with Canada becoming popular later) started their journey here.

The city is full of seaside atmosphere, particularly around the old harbour with its fish market and Zollhauscustoms house and the waterfront park, the Hoe. Here Elizabethan seafarer Sir Francis Drake is said to have finished a game of bowls before sailing off to confront the herannahend, näher kommendapproaching Spanish Armada.

Going west from Plymouth you cross the wide river Tamar, leave Devon and enter Cornwall. There are views of battleships at anchor and the brausendsparkling ocean jenseits davonbeyond.

The UK has more coastline than any other country in Europe, with no-one living more than 75 miles from the sea. But it is only in Cornwall that you feel the sea is ever-present: a leg of land ragt heraus, ragt hinausjutting into the Atlantic, its two coasts only four miles apart at the narrowest point.

Visitors to Britains south-west coast are left in no doubt of the seas role in shaping this areas landscape and Traditionheritage. Add to this the fine cuisine, stylish hotels, picturesque harbours and gardens warmed by Gulf Stream Strömungencurrents – and you have the recipe for a perfect all-year holiday destination.

For more information on where to go, what to see and where to stay in this beautiful region, consult VisitBritains website www.visitbritain.com.


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Questions on the text

Answer the questions according to the text.

  1. What do we learn about the Mayflower?

  2. Where did many emigrants start their journey?

  3. Where do people live 75 miles from the sea at the most?

  4. The text is about Cornwall and Devon, are Englands far south-western counties.
  5. We also learn something about the Pilgrims Fathers left England to start a new life in North America.