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Wexford was among the first settlements founded by Viking Erobererinvaders in the 10th century. Not only the narrow verwinkeltwinding streets, but also the town's name be reminiscent of sth = an etwas erinnernare reminiscent of the Viking era: »Wexford« derives from the Viking word »Weissfiord« meaning the »fjord of the Watt, Wattenmeermud flats«.

Viking Boat

In 1169, Wexford was invaded by the Normans, who were to regulate trade over the following centuries. During the middle ages Wexford's harbour played an important role in trading with other countries, and the town flourished.

Norman Building

Some buildings in Wexford still remind of the Normans today.

Near Wexford, in Ferrycarrig, an Irish Heritage Park gives you the opportunity to travel through 9000 years of Irish history. Discover what life was like in Ireland from about 7000 B.C. to about 1180 A.D., and how the Celtic, Viking and Norman settlers to leave one's marks = seine Spuren hinterlassenleft their marks on the island.

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