Übung Goldilocks and the three bears – Teil 1

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Übung Goldilocks and the three bears – Teil 2

Setze das Simple Past ein.

  1. In the kitchen Goldilocks (smell) the porridge.
  2. She (get) very hungry and (try) the porridge in the huge bowl - too hot.
  3. Then she (taste) some of the porridge from the ordinary bowl - too cold.
  4. But the porridge in the little bowl (be) just right and Goldilocks (eat) it all up.
  5. In the sitting-room, there (be) three chairs.
  6. Goldilocks (sit) down in the huge chair - too hard.
  7. She (not / like) the ordinary chair either - too soft.
  8. She (love) the little chair, however. But she (not / sit) on that one very long, as soon it (break) into pieces.
  9. So, Goldilocks (go) on exploring.
  10. In the bedroom, there (stand) the three bears' beds.
  11. Goldilocks suddenly (feel) very tired.
  12. She (climb) onto the huge bed - too hard.
  13. Then she (crawl) into the ordinary bed - too soft.
  14. The little bed, however, (be) just right.
  15. So, Goldilocks (lie) down.
  16. And in next to no time, she (fall) asleep.

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