Übung zu Reported Speech

Lingolia Übungsgrammatik Englisch

Übung 1 – Aufforderungen (positiv)

Ergänze die Aufforderungen / Bitten in der indirekten Rede. Achte auf die Änderung der Pronomen.

  1. "Stop talking, Joe," the teacher said.
    → The teacher told Joe
  2. "Be patient," she said to him.
    → She told him
  3. "Go to your room," her father said to her.
    → Her father told her
  4. "Hurry up," she said to us.
    → She told us
  5. "Give me the key," he told her.
    → He asked her
  6. "Play it again, Sam," she said.
    → She asked Sam
  7. "Sit down, Caron" he said.
    → He asked Caron
  8. "Fill in the form, Sir," the receptionist said.
    → The receptionist asked the guest
  9. "Take off your shoes," she told us.
    → She told us
  10. "Mind your own business," she told him.
    → She told him