Übung zu den Relativsätzen

Relativpronomen – verwenden oder weglassen?

Entscheide, ob das Relativpronomen notwendig ist oder ob man es weglassen kann.

  1. The book which is on the table belongs to Brandon.

  2. The museum which we visited last month is closed now.

  3. The man who you saw in the house is my cousin.

  4. Bob, who I know very well, is going out with Mary.

  5. I cannot forget the song which they played last night.

  6. The woman who is talking to Sue is my aunt.

  7. I cannot remember the hotel that we stayed at.

  8. Lucy, who I haven't seen for ages, rang me last night.

  9. A person that you don't trust won't trust you either.

  10. My father, whom I helped to install his computer, always forgets his password.