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Übung Little Red Riding Hood – Teil 1

Übung Little Red Riding Hood – Teil 2

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  1. Some time later, Little Red Riding Hood came to the little cottage. went inside and was shocked by the sight of grandma.
  2. “Oh grandma, what big eyes, hands and mouth have got!” Little Red Riding Hood said.
  3. There, the wolf jumped out of bed and swallowed , too.
  4. Then lay down again and fell asleep.
  5. After a while, the hunter passed by Grandma’s house. heard somebody snoring, thought that there was something wrong and consequently went inside.
  6. In the bedroom, saw the wolf.
  7. First, the hunter wanted to shoot , but then saw the wolf’s big belly.
  8. So, the hunter took out knife and cut the belly open.
  9. Out came Little Red Riding Hood and grandma.
  10. “Thank you for saving ,” whispered Little Red Riding Hood.
  11. Then, all of went to fetch some stones and put in the wolf’s belly.
  12. Soon the wolf woke up. was very thirsty and went to the well in the garden to drink some water.
  13. When the wolf wanted to lean over and drink, the stones in belly were too heavy and pulled down into the well.
  14. Grandma, the hunter and Little Red Riding Hood were happy, ate cake and drank the wine.
  15. But the wolf in the well thought, “Why do such things always happen to ?”

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