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Present Progressive - Verwendung

Übung zu Songtexten

Verwende die grammatisch korrekte Schreibweise. is doing oder 's doing und nicht wie in den Songs normalerweise geschrieben wird ('s doin oder 's doin').

  1. PINK - Get The Party Started: Everybody (to wait) for me to arrive.
  2. AVRIL LAVIGNE - Complicated: I like you the way you are when we (to drive) in your car.
  3. J'LO - Jenny From The Block: I know where I (go) and I know where I'm from.
  4. BLUE (feat. ELTON JOHN) - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word: And it (get) more and more absurd.
  5. BLUE - U Make Me Wanna: That's why I'm here, I (write) this song.
  6. BUSTED - What I Go To School For: I guess that's why my marks (get) so high.
  7. JC CHASEZ - Blowing Me Up: There's something about you baby. It (take) me over.
  8. ROBBIE WILLIAMS - Feel: Before I fall in love, I (prepare) to leave her.
  9. EMINEM: Lose Yourself: He opens his mouth, but the words won't come out. He (choke) . How everybody (joke) now.
  10. NICK CARTER - I Got You: They say I (look) for something that can't be found.

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