Übung zu Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs mit 'off'

Ergänze den ersten Teil der Phrasal Verbs sinnvoll. Verwende jedes Verb nur einmal.

  1. It's so hot today. Why don't you off your coat?
  2. Due to a lack of interest, we had to the meeting off.
  3. Oh no! Look, the wallpaper is off!
  4. I stayed up to watch a film, but then I off.
  5. Stop off your knowledge of history.
  6. Damn, I couldn't that stain off my favourite sweater.
  7. All the hard work finally off.
  8. The company off jobs. About 100 workers were off.
  9. Would you please let me finish my thought? Don't me off in the middle of a sentence.