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Übung zum Past Perfect Simple

Negative Sätze im Past Perfect Simple

Setze die Verben ins Past Perfect Simple. Verwende die negative Form.

  1. In the shopping centre, I met a friend who I (see / not) for ages.
  2. The thief could walk right into the house because you (lock / not) the door.
  3. We lost the match because we (practise / not) the days before.
  4. At school, Jim quickly copied the homework that he (do / not) .
  5. We ate at a restaurant last night because I (buy / not) anything for dinner.
  6. When we came back, it was cold in the house because Alice (close / not) the windows.
  7. All day long, Phil was angry with me just because I (greet / not) him first.
  8. When I met Jane at eleven o’clock, she (have / not) breakfast yet.
  9. I couldn’t go to the cinema with my friends last night because I (finish / not) my homework yet.
  10. Fred answered my question although I (ask / not) him.