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Übung zu If-Sätzen (gemischt)

Typ I oder Typ II

Entscheide, ob es sich bei den folgenden If-Sätzen um Typ I oder Typ II handelt.

  1. If they go to Australia, they will go whale-watching.
  2. If she had a mobile, I would call her.
  3. If Bob were here, he would have a solution for our problem.
  4. If you move here, we will see each other more often.
  5. You'll live longer if you stop smoking.
  6. If Sarah didn't go with John, Anna would try to become his girlfriend.
  7. I will only dance if they play my favourite song.
  8. I wouldn't buy that computer if I didn't need it.
  9. If she doesn't feel better tomorrow, she will see a doctor.
  10. I'd lend you money if I had any.