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Übungen – Freies Schreiben

Beim Freien Schreiben sind deiner Phantasie keine Grenzen gesetzt. Deine Texte werden daher sicher völlig anders aussehen als unsere Beispiele. Wir wollen dir mit unseren Beispiellösungen lediglich ein paar Anregungen geben, wie du an die einzelnen Themen herangehen kannst.

10. Imagine your English-speaking friend is a heavy smoker. Write a letter of advice and try to convince your friend to stop smoking.

Dear Bob,

I am absolutely surprised to hear that you are a heavy smoker. Why do you smoke so much? Do you want to impress others? I don't think it's a good idea to do a silly thing like that just because others do this as well.

You know, about half a year ago I also smoked some cigarettes occasionally. First I thought it was cool but soon I realized how stupid it was. So I stopped smoking againg and I'm glad I did. Spending all your pocket money on cigarettes is just not worth it.

Bob, you are a great guy and I know you have lots of interesting hobbies. You should really be self-confident enough to say 'no' to cigarettes. It is silly to risk your health and to spend all your money just to impress others. I think your friends should really like you for what you are. There's no need to prove anything to anyone.

Well, it's your decision in the end, but I hope you will seriously think about it.

Best regards,

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