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Übungen – Freies Schreiben

Beim Freien Schreiben sind deiner Phantasie keine Grenzen gesetzt. Deine Texte werden daher sicher völlig anders aussehen als unsere Beispiele. Wir wollen dir mit unseren Beispiellösungen lediglich ein paar Anregungen geben, wie du an die einzelnen Themen herangehen kannst.

5. Is there a city or country where you would like to live? Give reasons why.

My parents and I often spend our holidays in Spain and I could well imagine living there for a while. Spanish people are very friendly and the weather there seems to be nice all the time.

In general, I think it is good to go abroad for a couple of years. I would like to work in a holiday resort as a waiter or animator. So after work, I could spend the rest of the day as if I were on holiday, too.

On the other hand I think that after living abroad for a while it will not be that exciting anymore. Therefore I do not want to live there forever, only for a few years. Then I would come back to my hometown. I like my hometown a lot and I have my family and friends here. It would be a pity if we lost contact.

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