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Betreff: Kann jemand meine Charakterisierung korriegieren?

Niallbieber (79.253.181.*) schrieb am 13.09.15 um 20:31 Uhr

Ich hab zur Übung für meine erste Klausur eine Charakterisierung geschrieben, bin mir aber inhaltlich ziemlich unsicher, also ob ich alle Aspekte berücksichtigt habe und auch von der Struktur her. Es geht um Adam von "On the bridge". Danke im Voraus!

Adam Lockwood, one of the main characters in the story, is an underaged boy with unconcerned parents. This show the lines 26-27 and 38-39, where the narrator tells how he illegally got himself a pack of cigarettes and how his mother lets him go to school however he wants.

Adam is a teenager with black hair (l.3), who is not only aggressive and violent (l.1), but also disrespectful, reckless and mean. That's made clear in the lines 84-88, when he endangers the road traffic through his gesticulations. In the text he behaves very confident and self- convinced, while telling how he beat up a boy (ll.5-7). The fact that he smokes manifests that he wants to look mature and acts older, but also cooler than he is. Since Adam pretends to have a lot of trouble with the police, he appears to be an insurgent person (l.13f).
Neither his relationship with a girl is serious nor with Seth: He treats him like his friend, but after throwing a cigarette butt down and getting in trouble, he puts the blame on Seth. That clarifies that he doesn't stick to what he does and doesn't take responsibility for his actions (ll.174-178). That way Adam is presented as selfish and disloyal. Seth only admires him because of his allegedly coolness, but Adam is in reality just a coward and a fraud.

In conclusion, Adam is a flat superficial described stereotype who doesn't learn from his mistakes.

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