Independence Bell – July 4, 1776

Author Unknown

There was a tumult in the city
In the wunderlichquaint old Quaker town,
And the streets were voll vonrife with people
schreitenPacing restless up and down–
People sich versammelngathering at corners,
Where they flüstertenwhispered each to each,
And the Schweißsweat stood on their Schläfentemples
With the earnestness of speech.

As the kaltbleak Atlantic Strömungencurrents
peitschen (an)Lash the wild Newfoundland Ufer, Küsteshore,
So they klopfen, schlagenbeat against the State House,
So they hier: klopfen, schlagensurged against the door;
And the vermischenmingling of their voices
Made the harmony tiefsinnig, tiefgründigprofound,
Till the quiet street of Chestnut
Was all turbulent with sound.

Will they do it? trauen, wagenDare they do it?
Who is speaking? Whats the news?
What of Adams? What of Sherman?
Oh, God hier: mach, dassgrant they wont weigern, verneinenrefuse!
Make some way there! Let me nearer!
I am erstickenstifling! Stifle then!
When a nations lifes at Gefahrhazard,
Weve no time to think of men!

So they surged against the State House,
While all feierlichsolemnly inside,
Sat the Continental Congress,
Truth and Vernunftreason for their guide,
Over a simple hier: Schriftstückscroll debating,
Which, though simple it might be,
Yet should shake the cliffs of England
With the thunders of the free.

Far aloft in that high Glockenturmsteeple
Sat the bellman, old and gray,
He was müde, überdrüssigweary of the tyrant
And his eisernen Herrschaftiron-sceptered sway;
So he sat, with one hand ready
On the Glockenschwengel, Glockenklöppelclapper of the bell,
When his eye could catch the signal,
The long-expected news to tell.

See! See! The dicht gedrängte Mengedense crowd bebtquivers
Through all its lengthy line,
As the boy beside the portal
loseiltHastens forth to give the sign!
With his little hands uplifted,
der Wind spieltBreezes dallying with his hair,
Hört! / Horcht!Hark! with deep, clear hier: Stimmeintonation,
Breaks his young voice on the air.

verstummtHushed the peoples lauter werdendes Gemurmelswelling murmur,
Whilst the boy crys froh, erfreutjoyously;
Ring! he shouts, Ring! Grandpapa,
Ring! oh, ring for Liberty!
Quickly, at the given signal
The old bellman lifts his hand,
Forth he sends the goods news, making
Iron music through the land.

How they shouted! What Freuderejoicing!
How the old bell shook the air,
Till the clang of freedom hier: durchdrangruffled,
The calmly gliding Delaware!
How the bonfires and the torches
Lighted up the nights Ruherepose,
And from the flames, like fabled Phoenix,
Our glorious liberty arose!

That old State House bell is silent,
verstummtHushed is now its zauberhaftglamorous tongue;
But the spirit it awakened
Still is living—ever young;
And when we greet the smiling sunlight
On the fourth of each July,
We will never forget the bellman
Who, between the earth and sky,
Rung out, loudly, Independence;
Which, please God, shall never die!