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The third largest city in the United States (after New York and Los Angeles) lies on the Ufershores of Lake Michigan. The Potawatomi once lived in this area and the citys name stammtderives from the Potawatomi word Checagou (meaning wild onions). The name wurde verwendetwas used because the place roch früherused to smell like onions.

The Sears Tower (on the left) was built between 1970 and 1973 and is the highest building in the United States. It is 442 meters from bottom to the top floor, and reaches a total height of 527 meters (including its television antennas).


Grammatikübung zum Text

Simple Past

Das Simple Past wird für Zustände und Handlungen in der Vergangenheit verwendet. Beachte, dass es im Englischen viele unregelmäßige Verben gibt. Im Grammatikteil kannst du alles noch einmal genau nachlesen: → Simple Past


Setze die Verben ins Simple Past.

  1. The first settlers (be) the Potawatomi.
  2. They (call) this place Checagou (wild onion) because it (smell) like onions.
  3. Constructions on the Sears Tower (begin) in 1970.
  4. Until 1997, the Sears Tower (be) the highest building in the world.