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Guy Fawkes Day

Zeitgenössischer Stich der Verschwörer des so genannten Gunpowder Plots
Die Verschwörer des Gunpowder Plots. Guy Fawkes ist der Dritte von rechts.

When Queen Elizabeth died in 1603, her cousin James VI of Scotland became James I of England. James was a Protestant. He did not allow Catholics to practise their religion. Instead, he ordered Catholic priests to leave the country and he zwangforced Catholics to attend Protestant Gottesdienstechurch services. etwa:VerweigererRecusants (Catholics who didn’t teilnehmen anattend Protestant church services) wurden bestraftwere punished.

This made Catholics angry, and a small group of them planned to kill the king by blow up = in die Luft jagenblowing up the Houses of Parliament. The Verschwörerconspirators knew that on 5th November 1605 the king and other Adligenobles would be at the Houses of Parliament for the ParlamentseröffnungState Opening. That was the day when they wanted to blow them all up.

On 26th October a Edelmannnobleman called Lord Monteagle received an anonymous letter telling him not to go to the State Opening. Lord Monteagle was a Catholic – this is probably why he received the letter. He was also loyal to the king, however, and immediately passed the letter on to him. So now the king knew about the Verschwörungplot.

In the morning of 5th November, guards searched the cellars of the Houses of Parliament. They found 36 Fässer Schießpulverbarrels of gunpowder and festnehmenarrested one of the conspirators, Guy Fawkes.

Guy Fawkes wurde gefoltertwas tortured until he ein Geständnis ablegteconfessed. Some other conspirators were arrested later, and they were all gehängthung, gestrecktdrawn and gevierteiltquartered.

5th November wurde bekannt alsbecame known as Guy Fawkes Day (or Gunpowder Day). On this day people celebrate the Fehlschlagenfailure of the Schießpulver-VerschwörungGunpowder Plot with Lagerfeuernbonfires and fireworks.

Weitere Infos zum Gunpowder Plot

Auf der Webseite von BBC kannst du in einem Spiel Fragen zum Gunpowder Plot beantworten und so versuchen, die Parlamentsgebäude zu retten. Einige der Antworten findest du in unserem Text.

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  • The conspirators were Catholics.

  • They wanted to blow up the Houses of Parliament on 26th October.

  • Guy Fawkes sent a letter to the king warning him to go to the State Opening.

  • The conspirators hid the gunpowder in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament.

  • People celebrate Gunpowder Day because the conspirators were successful.