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Simple Present oder Present Progressive

Übung 12

Vervollständige die Sätze. Verwende Simple Present und Present Progressive.

  1. Mary and Joe (be) in a clothes shop at the moment.
  2. They (look) at some jeans.
  3. Joe only (have) one very old pair of jeans.
  4. So he (want) to buy a new pair of jeans now.
  5. Right now, he (try on) a pair of blue jeans.
  6. »These jeans (fit) very well,« he (say) .
  7. »But they (not suit) you,« Mary (reply) . »Try on another pair.«
  8. »What (think / you) ?« he (ask) Mary, when has tried on another pair.
  9. »Great! How much (cost / they)