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Simple Present oder Present Progressive

Übung 9

Vervollständige die Sätze. Verwende Simple Present und Present Progressive.

  1. James (live) in a little village.
  2. He (be) in his last year at school.
  3. After school, James (want) to become a banker.
  4. So this week, he (do) a practical course in a bank.
  5. There (be) a bank in a nearby town, but James (have) to take the bus to get there.
  6. The bus (leave) at 5.30 in the morning and (return) at 8.15 in the evening.
  7. James (not / like) to spend so much time in town before and after work, waiting for the bus.
  8. Therefore, this week he (stay) with his aunt, who (live) in town.
  9. James usually (wear) jeans and t-shirts, but while he (work) for the bank now, he (wear) a suit and a tie.