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Simple Present - Present Perfect Progressive

Übung 4

Setze die Verben in der richtigen Zeitform ein (Simple Present oder Present Perfect Progressive).

  1. Marvin and Joe (play) in a football club for two years.
  2. They (practise) four times a week.
  3. Marvin (be) a popular forwarder.
  4. He often (score) goals for his team.
  5. At the moment, the training (be) very hard.
  6. For six weeks now, the team (prepare) for an important match taking place on Sunday.
  7. Today, the boys (doing) strength training for forty minutes already.
  8. Joe (like/not) that very much - he (want) to play football.
  9. However, the strength training exercises (be) also very important for the young players.