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Simple Present - Present Perfect Progressive

Übung 3

Setze die Verben in der richtigen Zeitform ein (Simple Present oder Present Perfect Progressive).

  1. Tom (go) to school by bus every day.
  2. He (go) to school by bus since he and his parents moved to a little village.
  3. Tom (have) to get up very early each day, but that (be) okay.
  4. At least he (can / stay) at his old school where all of his friends (be) .
  5. Tom (speak) English very well, although he (learn) English for only two years.
  6. His friends often (ask) Tom why his English (be) so good.
  7. Every summer, Tom and his parents (spend) a few weeks in England.
  8. Tom's mum (love) England, especially the English gardens.
  9. Tom (have) some friends in England and he (speak) English with them.