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Übungen zum Infinitiv und Gerundium

Infinitiv oder Gerundium

Entscheide, ob du Infinitiv (mit/ohne to) oder Gerundium einsetzen musst.

  1. On 17th February 2003, a congestion charge for in central London was introduced.
  2. The aim was the number of vehicles in London's City.
  3. People now have the choice between the charge and not into the City.
  4. The charge has proven very successful in away traffic from the City.
  5. As the traffic has been reduced by about 20 percent, journey times in the City tend .
  6. According to an opinion poll, more than 50 percent of Londoners say that it is okay people for into the City.
  7. They are relieved the traffic more easily.
  8. Before the charge, average speed in the City was about 10 mph.
  9. Now, people who decide the charge can at a higher speed, approximately 20 mph.
  10. Many Londoners, however, have chosen by bus as delays to buses are now down by half.
  11. London's buses have seen passenger numbers by 14 percent.