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Übung zu If-Sätzen (gemischt)

Typ I oder Typ II

Vervollständige die If-Sätze. Entscheide, ob es sich um Typ I oder Typ II handelt.

  1. If you do your homework now, we to the cinema in the evening.
  2. If we the book now, we will have it tomorrow.
  3. If I had more money, I a bigger car.
  4. If I my favourite movie star, I would ask him for an autograph.
  5. I you if I need your help.
  6. I would go swimming if the weather better.
  7. If he time tomorrow, we will meet the day after.
  8. If I were you, I what to do.
  9. If we don't order the tickets soon, there any tickets left.
  10. She that if she were your friend.