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Übungen zu Besonderheiten bei If-Sätzen

If-Sätze Typ I mit Hilfsverben

Bilde If-Sätze vom Typ I. Beachte, dass du hier die Hilfsverben verwenden musst.

  1. If it doesn’t rain, we (can / go) swimming tomorrow.
  2. If you train hard, you (might / win) first prize.
  3. If we go to Canada next year, we (can / improve) our English.
  4. I (may / go) to the disco in the evening if I do the washing-up now.
  5. If we go on holiday next week, I (not / can / play) tennis with you.
  6. If you see Gareth tomorrow, you (should / tell) him that you love him.
  7. If my parents go shopping in the afternoon, I (must / look) after my little sister.
  8. He (must / be) a good drummer if he plays in a band.
  9. If you are listening to the radio after 10 pm, you (should / turn) the volume down.
  10. If you like that shirt, you (can / have) it.