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Übung The Cat and the Mouse – Teil 1

Übung The Cat and the Mouse – Teil 2

Vervollständige die If-Sätze (Typ I, II und III)

  1. The mouse, however, went to the baker. The cat (give / only) me back my tail if I fetch her some milk. And the cow (give / not) me milk if I don't get her hay. And the farmer will only give me hay if the butcher (have) some meat for him. And the butcher will not give me meat if you (bake / not) him a bread.
  2. And the baker said, Well, I (give) you bread if you promise never to steal my corn or meal.
  3. The mouse promised not to steal, and so the baker gave the mouse bread, the mouse gave the butcher bread. The butcher gave the mouse meat, the mouse gave the farmer meat. The farmer gave the mouse hay, the mouse gave the cow hay. The cow gave the mouse milk, the mouse gave the cat milk. And the cat gave the mouse her tail back. Die Maus versprach, nicht zu stehlen und so gab der Bäcker der Maus Brot, die Maus gab dem Fleischer Brot. Der Fleischer gab der Maus Fleisch, die Maus gab dem Bauer Fleisch. Der Bauer gab der Maus Heu, die Maus gab der Kuh Heu. Die Kuh gab der Maus Milch, die Maus gab der Katze Milch. Und die Katze gab der Maus ihren Schwanz zurück.(i)
  4. But imagine what would have happened otherwise: Aber stell dir vor, was anderenfalls passiert wäre:(i)
  5. If the mouse (promised / not) never to steal corn or meal, the baker (not/give) the mouse bread.
  6. If the baker (not / give) the mouse bread, the butcher (refuse) to give her meat for the farmer.
  7. If the butcher (refuse) her any meat, the farmer (not / be) willing to give the mouse hay.
  8. If the farmer (not / be) willing to give the mouse hay, the mouse (not / receive) milk from the cow.
  9. If the mouse (not / receive) milk from the cow, she (not / get) back her tail.

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